Think of Selling?

Think of Selling?

Selling your home can be a confusing and complicated process. You probably have a lot of questions. “Should I use a real estate agent or sell it myself?”, “How do I price my home?” and “What is selling my home going to cost?”


Read our guide to navigating the home selling process with ease and confidence.
We Treat You the Way You Want to Be Treated – With Professionalism and Respect
At Realty Point Brokerage, we are committed to treating our clients with professionalism, respect, prompt service. Each of our experienced and ethical Sales Representatives is dedicated to excellence in our work. Our strong commitment to following ethical practices, community involvement and exceeding your expectations of customer service differentiates us from all our competitors. We have highlighted the step-by-step process that demonstrates how we work to ensure that your home is sold quickly, for the best possible price with the best possible terms.
• Prepare a detailed listing sheet, highlight the features, advantages and benefits of your property
• Conduct a property tour to market your home’s USP
• Provide you a copy of our action plan
• Place a professional and distinct sale sign on your property
• Advertise and promote the sale of your property in your community
• Provide regular updates regarding our marketing efforts and market conditions
• Pre-qualify prospective buyers to save you time
• Make you aware of all financial alternatives regarding your sale
• Explain our home warranty program to you
• Offer moving service options to both buyer and seller
• Represent you on all offers while negotiating for the best possible price and terms
• Provide you with copies of all information relevant to the sale of your property
• Follow up on all necessary details until deal is closed and you are ready to move



GUARANTEED SALE on your home within 30 DAYS of listing your property. If Your Home is NOT SOLD in 30 Days, I’ll Pay You $1000!